Where is my email containing Avira installation instructions? I don't have one.

1.  For automatic license renewals:

The separate e-mail from Avira contains only general information about your order. Since your license renewed automatically, the software should update itself automatically and there’s nothing else you have to do.

2.  For new purchases:

If you need to install a license to your computer, the easiest way to access your license information is if you go directly through your Avira account.

If you’d like to install and activate your software manually instead, you can download a trial version from the Avira download center.

Then you’ll need to activate the program using the license key in our e-mail confirmation or in your Avira account.

You can also find detail activation instructions here.

For more information about installing, activating or using your Avira software, you can reach Avira’s dedicated support team.



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